Share and explore locations with the people in your life.

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Base Tagger can be used to locate family members, explore holiday destinations, arrange meeting places and automatically let people know that you are safe. The possibilities are endless.

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Tag the location of your school, workplace, home and meeting places on your own private map.



Share locations with friends and family and get notified as they come and go. Let people know that you are safe.



Explore the locations you've pre-tagged without getting lost ever again.


With the Base Tagger App, you create tags on a map that you can keep for private use or share with friends and family. You can choose how long they last for and who can see them. Quickly get alerted when people are arriving at your destination.

Planning a holiday, arranging to meet friends at an event or organising a team event? Use Base Tagger to tag a location on the map and share it with your friends so that you can all meet up.


Base Tagger lets you save locations for your own personal use and create groups for friends and family. Instantly let people know where you are if you need help. Great for families.

Base Tagger will let you know when others have almost arrived at the tagged location.


Planning what to do when travelling? Let Base Tagger help you to plan. Tag all the locations you want to visit, including landmarks, bars, restaurants and museums. All you need to do is explore the map to the different locations you've tagged.

Stumble across somewhere amazing? Share them with the people in your life.

The possibilities are endless…

Base Tagger - Share and explore locations with the people in your life.

Our aim is to make finding friends and family simpler, so you can concentrate on having fun.

Just like you take, save and share photos, we wanted to do the same with locations. We wanted to provide an easy way to tag places both for yourself and others.

If you get involved in sports, outdoor activities, festivals, meetings, or just like to spectate, Base Tagger is for you.

  • Tag locations you want to visit on holiday
  • Plan meeting points for sporting events
  • Automatically let friends and family know where you are
  • Share locations of interest with friends and family
  • Find your car
  • Find your tent
  • Explore new places
  • Bring peace of mind to young families
  • Know that people with medical needs are safe

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Yes. There is a free version of Base Tagger that comes with enough allowances to get you started. You can choose to upgrade if you’d like to experience the plus version.

We are working on a premium version also which will offer additional features.

There is no invasive advertising because we simply do not like it!

Yes. When you tag a location, say for your children's school, only you will be able to see when they have arrived.

No. Base Tagger has been designed to work across multiple mobile devices and not just iOS. Also, the App lets you save locations to your phone rather like you do with photos, letting you keep them or share them with friends and family.

When you create a tag, and want to share it with a friend or family member, you can find them in your contacts, through Facebook connect or enter their mobile number and we will send them a message, inviting them to download the App. They can then view your tag.

Depending on your connection, GPRS, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, we aim to provide the most accurate location up to a few meters away. We figure that you could find what you're looking for that close!

Depending on your connection, GPRS, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, you will get varying performance. But what we can say is the technology that we use is the most advanced of any App of its kind. We've designed and built the App with the end user in mind. We would like to think that it will offer the best battery life possible.

Life 360 requires you to add other users before you can use their places or circles feature. Base Tagger works straight away once downloaded without having to add other users. There is a free version of Life 360, but their features are very limited. When it comes to upgrading for a few additional services, they charge more.

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